Characteristics of six Xanthomonas citri pv. citri strains

StrainOther number(s)Accession no.Copper resistance locationPlace of isolationYr of isolationHost
LM199 X. citri pv. citri 15-4632 (INTA)a MSQV00000000 PlasmidArgentina2015Orange
LM180 X. citri pv. citri 03-1638 (INTA); A44b MSQW00000000 PlasmidArgentina2003Grapefruit
LL074-4 CP018847 to CP018849PlasmidMartinique2014Grapefruit
LJ207-7 CP018850 to CP018853PlasmidRéunion2012Kaffir lime
LH276 CP018854 to CP018857PlasmidRéunion2010Kaffir lime
LH201 CP018858 to CP018860PlasmidRéunion2010Kaffir lime
  • a INTA, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria.

  • b As designated by Behlau et al. (7).