Characteristics of the six sequenced Xanthomonas strainsa

StrainOther no.SpeciesCopper resistance locationCountry of isolationYr of isolationHostChromosome size (bp)G+C content (%)ANI score (%)bAccession no.
LMG930 X. euvesicatoria PlasmidUnited States1969Pepper5,079,10764.799.98 CP018463 to CP018467
LMG911CFBP2537 X. vesicatoria PlasmidNew Zealand1955Tomato5,110,16364.399.95 CP018725 to CP018727
LM159Bv-5-4a (INTA) X. vesicatoria PlasmidArgentina1987Pepper5,086,72664.299.88 CP018468 to CP018471
LH3Xv5 (FAREI), CFBP7993 X. euvesicatoriac PlasmidMauritius2010Tomato4,969,89364.998.68 (99.98) CP018472 to CP018476
JS749-3 X. gardneri PlasmidRéunion1997Tomato5,158,91363.799.91 CP018728 to CP018730
ICMP7383CFBP7999 X. gardneri PlasmidNew Zealand1980Tomato5,313,10263.598.29 CP018731 to CP018734
  • a LMG strains are from the Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms (BCCM/LMG), University of Ghent, Belgium. ICMP, International Collection of Microorganisms from Plants, Landcare Research, Auckland, New Zealand; INTA, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria; FAREI, Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute; CFBP, Collection Française de Bactéries Associées aux Plantes.

  • b ANI scores were calculated using type strains of each species: LMG27970 for X. euvesicatoria; ATCC 35937 for X. vesicatoria; and ATCC 19865 for X. gardneri. Value in parentheses is for the type strain of X. perforans (CFBP7293).

  • c Synonym of X. perforans.