Summary statistics of assembly and annotation of G. magnicellulatus

    Genome size (Mb)129.9
    Avg coverage (×) (no. of Illumina reads)a46 (97)
    Avg coverage (×) (no. of Nanopore reads)a4 (60)
    No. of contigs84,604
    N50 (bp)4,118
    Longest scaffold (kbp)197
    GC content (%)44
    BUSCOb (% recovered)88.2
    Total no. of protein-coding genes8,172
    Avg gene length (bp)1,764
    No. of coding sequencesc8
    No. of repeat sequencesc40
    No. of proteins with at least one Pfam domaind6,396
    No. of secreted proteinse304
  • a Percentage of reference bases covered, estimated using BBMap v.37.93 (6).

  • b Sordariomyceta data set.

  • c Percent assembly size.

  • d Identified using InterProScan v.5.25-64 (15).

  • e Identified using SignalP-5.0 (16) and TMHMM v.2.0 ( to exclude transmembrane proteins.