Information about WCDV-1 to -3 genomes

VirusGenome size (nt)aGenome GC content (%)Best BLAST match source (GenBank accession no.)bPairwise identity (%)cPositive effluent samples (%) (n = 5)dDetected after reverse osmosise
WCDV-12,27648.5Pigs (MK142773)51/5780No
WCDV-22,24248.1Shrews (KY370040)46/56100Yes
WCDV-31,78241.3Wastewater (KY487913)56/6680No
  • a nt, nucleotides.

  • b Best BLAST match based on BLASTx searches using the replication-associated protein (Rep)-coding sequence as a query.

  • c Rep amino acid/genome-wide sequence identities between WCDVs and their best BLAST match based on the Rep. See Table 2 from the study by Rosario et al. (11) for a summary of species demarcation criteria for established CRESS DNA viral families.

  • d Secondary treated and chlorinated effluent samples collected monthly between June and November 2018 were tested for WCDVs through PCR.

  • e Indicates if a given WCDV was detected by PCR in treated effluent after reverse osmosis.