Details on the Roche 454 GS FLX+ and Illumina sequencing and libraries used

Accession no.Technology usedNo. of readsNo. of nucleotidesCoverage (×)Library typeaMoleculeRead lengthInsert size
SRX4717572Roche (454 GS FLX+)600,711421.8 million5.9SEgDNAb1 kb
SRX4676376Roche (454 GS FLX+)631,875432 million6.1SEgDNA1 kb
SRX4676374Illumina (MiSeq)11.4 million5.3 billion74.5PEgDNA250 ntc250 nt
SRX4676377Illumina (MiSeq)15.7 million4.6 billion64.6PEgDNA250 nt250 nt
SRX4676378Illumina (MiSeq)2.1 million611.3 million8.6MPgDNA250 nt6 kb
SRX4676375Illumina (MiSeq)5.1 million1.6 billion22.5MPgDNA250 nt6 kb
SRX4676380Illumina (MiSeq)5.6 million1.4 billion19.7MPgDNA250 nt3 kb
SRX4676381Illumina (MiSeq)2.3 million697.7 million9.8MPgDNA250 nt3 kb
SRX4676379Illumina (MiSeq)253.5 million50.9 billionPERNA-seq100 nt200 nt
  • a SE, single pair; PE, paired ends; MP, mate pairs.

  • b gDNA, genomic DNA.

  • c nt, nucleotides.