Summary of statistics for three sequenced gastric MALT lymphoma H. pylori strains

StrainGenome contentAccession no.Genome length (bp)aCoverage depth (fold)bG+C content (%)aNo. of predicted genescNo. of coding sequencesc
HPML01Circular chromosomeAP0147101,629,8156738.691,7071,671
HPML02Circular chromosomeAP0147111,562,1254538.921,7511,715
HPML03Circular chromosome and circular plasmidAP014712 (chromosome) and AP014713 (plasmid)1,629,114 and 6,2206038.671,7441,708
  • a Determined by OMIGA.

  • b Determined by 454 Newbler.

  • c Determined by CG-Pipeline software.