Characteristics of the six genomes

E. coli strain (DSMZ no.)aChromosome size (bp)No. of contigsAccession no.bPlasmid(s) (size [bp])Accession no.
G1/2 (DSM 16441)5,090,326252JPKH00000000pSYM10 (1,549), pSYM12 (7,111)KM107846 (pSYM10), KM107848 (pSYM12)
G3/10 (DSM 16443)4,999,26712JPKI00000000pSYM1 (50,572), pSYM2 (4,197), pSYM3 (1,934), pSYM4 (1,304), pSYM5 (6,567), pSYM6 (10,433)JN887338 (pSYM1), KM107838 (pSYM2), KM107839 (pSYM3), KM107840 (pSYM4), KM107841 (pSYM5), KM107842 (pSYM6)
G4/9 (DSM 16444)4,545,81879JPKJ00000000pSYM4
G5 (DSM 16445)4,787,583151JPKK00000000pSYM3, pSYM7 (4,452), pSYM8 (2,353), pSYM9 (12,686), pSYM11 (3,215)KM107843 (pSYM7), KM107844 (pSYM8), KM107845 (pSYM9), KM107847 (pSYM11)
G6/7 (DSM 16446)5,236,262185JPMZ00000000pSYM10, pSYM12
G8 (DSM 16448)5,160,208300JPKL00000000pSYM10, pSYM12
  • a Strain number in the Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, Braunschweig, Germany.

  • b The contigs are merged into a single accession number.