Summary of genome sequencing results

Bacillus speciesDraft coverage (×)aGenome size (bp)No. of contigsG+C content (%)No. of secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clustersbAccession no.
B. endophyticus KCTC 13922T7415,121,4844236.5011LTAP00000000
B. gaemokensis KCTC 13318T8785,616,2507035.5418LTAQ00000000
B. trypoxylicola KCTC 13244T9,0244,347,9414035.736LTAO00000000
Bacillus sp. KCTC 132191,2443,853,0583738.313LUFJ00000000
  • a Subsamples of 600 Mb were randomly taken from pretreated reads and assembled.

  • b Predicted by antiSMASH 3.0.