Basic assembly and annotation statistics

Strain nameAccession no. (no. of contigs)Genome size (bp) (% G+C content)No. of CDSsNo. of rRNAsNo. of tRNAsIsolation source, yr, locationAlternative ID
F. tularensis FACJOUF00000000 (44)1,847,973 (32.3)2,069736Rabbit, 1984, Illinois, USADST6755
F. tularensis FAEJOOR00000000 (9)1,854,685 (32.3)2,010836Rabbit A, 1988, Illinois, USADS88-R-147
F. tularensis Larsen FAFJOOS00000000 (2)1,818,385 (32.3)1,980736Unknown, 2006NIH38
F. tularensis novicida FAIJOOT00000000 (25)1,970,238 (32.3)1,8871038Water, 2007, Utah, USADPG K4C-IS
F. tularensis FTUJOOU00000000 (22)1,864,194 (32.3)2,027736Rabbit, 1988, Illinois, USADS87-R-135
F. tularensis FTVJPGP00000000 (96)1,887,196 (32.2)2,083534Rabbit, 1988, Illinois, USADS88-R-160
F. tularensis FTXJOOV00000000 (27)1,880,801 (32.3)2,053836Rabbit, 1988, Illinois, USADS88-R-144
F. tularensis FTZJOVO00000000 (19)1,857,471 (32.3)5,018736Rabbit, 1987, Illinois, USADS87-R-200
F. philomiragia FAJJOUE00000000 (6)2,050,684 (32.6)1,9291039Water, 2007, Utah, USADPG 3B–W