Listing of strains, accession numbers, and basic annotation statistics for each genome sequenced

StrainAccession no.aSize (bp)%GCDraft coverageCDStRNArRNA
Brucella abortus
    870 BEVCP007700 Chr I2,123,615 Chr I57.24743,124559
CP007701 Chr II1,161,664 Chr II
    870 BFXCP007709 Chr I2,124,096 Chr I57.21503,127559
CP007710 Chr II1,157,058 Chr II
    2308JMRZ000000003,269,686 total57.27933,124525
    WGS (12)
    BEUJMSA000000003,321,680 total57.21673,226559
    WGS (5)
    BDWCP007681 Chr I2,128,683 Chr I57.21613,141559
CP007680 Chr II1,160,817 Chr II
    292 DPGJMSB000000003,262,739 total57.22723,135493
    WGS (43)
    63 75CP007663 Chr I2,124,677 Chr I57.31763,112559
CP007662 Chr II1,155,633 Chr II
    86/8/59CP007765 Chr I2,123,991 Chr I57.23273,434559
CP007764 Chr II1,162,137 Chr II
    B3196CP007707 Chr I2,123,890 Chr I57.23423,113559
CP007708 Chr II1,155,864 Chr II
    Tulya BERCP007682 Chr I2,125,180 Chr I57.22162,121549
CP007683 Chr II1,163,338 Chr II
    Tulya BFYCP007738 Chr I2,124,832 Chr I57.23003,120549
CP007737 Chr II1,163,326 Chr II
    C68CP007705 Chr I2,124,100 Chr I57.21193,111559
CP007706 Chr II1,155,846 Chr II
Brucella canis RM6/66CP007758 Chr I2,105,950 Chr I57.23203,108559
CP007759 Chr II1,206,801 Chr II
Brucella melitensis
    16 MCP007762 Chr I2,116,984 Chr I57.27623,140549
CP007763 Chr II1,177,791 Chr II
    63/9CP007789 Chr I2,127,512 Chr I57.21523,156559
CP007788 Chr II1,185,446 Chr II
    EtherCP007760 Chr I2,122,766 Chr I57.23213,156559
CP007761 Chr II1,187,961 Chr II
Brucella neotomae 5K33JMSC000000003,328,864 total57.23213,1995511
    WGS (7)
Brucella pinnipedialis 6/566CP007743 Chr I2,139,033 Chr I57.32173,137559
CP007742 Chr II1,191,996 Chr II
Brucella suis
    686CP007719 Chr I2,107,052 Chr I57.23043,091559
CP007718 Chr II1,190,208 Chr II
    1330JMUC000000003,294,601 total57.33193,124513
    WGS (16)
    513UKCP007717 Chr I2,131,717 Chr I57.33003,091559
CP007716 Chr II1,187,980 Chr II
    40 BSPCP008757 Chr I1,902,870 Chr I57.27903,101559
CP008756 Chr II1,410,995 Chr II
    BSQ (40)JMUD000000003,308,964 total57.33993,099559
    WGS (5)
    ThompsenJMUE000000003,316,531 total57.23143,152526
    WGS (10)
  • a Chr I, chromosome I; Chr II, chromosome II.