Genome characteristics and accession numbers of seven enterohepatic Helicobacter speciesa

StrainGenBank accession no.Other available sequenced genomes (strain [accession no.] [reference])cGenome size (Mb)Contig countFold coverageGC (%)Gene count
H. bilis ATCC 43879 (4)bACDN00000000.2WiWa (AQFW00000000.1)&, ATCC 51630 (JMKW00000000.1)&2.537718×34.792,338
H. canis NCTC 12740 (I)bAZJJ00000000.11.937143×45.001,800
H. canadensis NCTC 13241 (MIT 98-5491) (4)bABQS00000000.1MIT 98-5491 (ACSF00000000.1) (52)1.6312649×33.661,628
H. cinaedi CCUG 18818 (4)bABQT00000000.1PAGU611 (AP012344.1) (53), ATCC BAA-847 (AP012492.1) (54)2.219639×38.462,374
H. macacae CCUG 55313T (MIT 99-5501) (I)bAZJI00000000.12.3712141×40.601,946
H. pullorum MIT 98-5489 (4)bABQU00000000.11.9513160×34.152,008
H. winghamensis ATCC BAA-430 (4)bACDO00000000.11.695561×35.491,639
  • a H. fennelliae MRY12-0050, a human isolate, has also been sequenced (55).

  • b Sequenced as part of the Human Microbiome U54 initiative, Broad Institute (; (I), sequenced using Illumina; (4), sequenced using 454.

  • c &, unpublished genome.